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Reliable cleaning services for homes & businesses in Bangalore


Life can be complicated, but simple things shouldn't be. Which is why, we promise to be the one-stop solution for all your cleaning, maintenance and repair needs. Our flexible and personalised service guarantees to give your home, or office, or both a complete facelift.

CleanPro provides one of the best cleaning and housekeeping services in Bangalore with a loyal customer base that stayed with us since the inception of the company. We initially started off as a cleaning company, but to cater to the growing demands of our customers, we expanded our portfolio to offer a wide range of services like Pest Control, Garden & Lawn Maintenance, Painting service, Plumbing and Electrical services to name a few.

Why us

From some of the biggest office complexes to some of the most well-appointed households in the city, count us as their preferred cleaning services provider. The reasons for that are many, but we believe that the most important one is the fact that we listen! And we listen intently to understand our client's world, to deliver tailored services that delight them every single time.

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Our People

When we say "our people are our biggest asset.", it’s not just some fashionable statement that we are making as an organisation. It is something that’s etched into our DNA. Our work culture, our business model, and our long-term vision are all focussed on making our people better, in every sense of the word.

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Our Brand Story

To redefine the way the world embraces our new brand, we have created a logo that consistently projects our values and beliefs. An insignia that assures people that every time they interact with our company, they will be offered the world-class experience that they’ve been promised.

The logo is at the core of our brand’s identity and draws inspiration from a kite – an object that ushers in joy and peace of mind. It is a symbol of freedom that flies high against all odds. And through our services, we aim to extend this sense of freedom to our customers by tackling nature’s harshest elements to give your home, or office, a complete facelift.

Additionally, the freely flying kite also emphasises the human element of our business; one that empowers our employees to break free from financial and social abuse. This in turn paves the way for their progress and upward mobility. It resonates with the benchmarks we set through our services and also with our aspirations for the future.

Our brand signifies peace of mind; it reflects a sense of freedom and an ambition to fly high against all odds.


Key strengths

Efficient cleaning

  • Consistent service
  • Zero outsourcing of services
  • We are not aggregators
  • Consistent focus on quality
  • Accountability in case of damage or errors*

Reliable staff

  • In-House trained professionals
  • Medically tested and fit for duty
  • Proficient in the latest equipment
  • Dependable services

After service support

  • Dedicated support line
  • 24-hour resolutions on complaints
  • Expert maintenance and cleaning services
  • Quality professionals deployed on-site
  • Custom package support

Specialised Chemicals & Equipment

  • High-grade equipment
  • Medically approved and tested chemicals
  • Zero inconvenience for you
  • Zero health risk involved
  • 100% health-friendly & eco-friendly utilities

The CleanPro Advantage

  • Medically fit professionals
  • Cleaning and maintenance experts
  • On-site service
  • Personalized packages and plans
  • Consistent delivery of quality
  • In-House staff trained and deployed
  • 100% accountable in case of grievances and damage