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Office care services

Does your office require maintenance and housekeeping services? Fret no more, when CleanPro offers housekeeping and maintenance services for offices and commercial spaces. With trained and medically tested professionals available, our custom packages are suitable for commercial spaces of all sizes. Experience an uninterrupted workplace environment with the ideal housekeeping and maintenance services.

Keep your office energized with professional office care services.

Our specialty

  • Qualitative services – We maintain class and quality
  • Hierarchical Approach – don’t have to deal with staff
  • Medically tested – Covid – 19 tested
  • On roll Trained professional
  • 72 hrs replacement policy
  • Background check for all staff

Select package

Choose A package That Works For You

Classic Package

  • 60 hrs

  • (Services)
    Vacuuming, Mopping, Mopping,Car cleaning, Utensils, Bathroom, cleaning, Dusting

  • (Weekly Once)
    Weekly once bathroom deep clean
  • (Monthly Services)
    Window glass cleaning + Electrical Equipment cleaning

  • (Quarterly Services)
    Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Standard Package

  • 70 hrs

  • (Services)
    Vacuuming, Mopping,Car cleaning, Utensils, Bathroom, cleaning, Dusting

  • (Monthly Services)
    Deep cleaning + House health check up + Glass cleaning Kitchen deep cleaning

  • (Quarterly Services)
    Sofa, carpet Vacuuming +Pest control

  • (Half Yearly)
    Floor Cleaning using machinery

Premium Package

  • 100 hrs

  • (Services)
    Vacuuming, Mopping,Car cleaning, Utensils, Bathroom, cleaning, Dusting,Waste segregation

  • (Weekly Once)
    Garden maintenance once a week (Indoor + Outdoor) + Bathroom deep cleaning

  • (Monthly Services)
    House health check up + glass cleaning + deep cleaning + sofa & carpet &Mattress Vacuuming

  • (Quarterly Services)
    Sofa, carpet & mattress shampooing + Floor cleaning using machinery + Pest control services + On-call technician within 24 working Hrs of call registration.

  • (Half Yearly)
    Floor cleaning using machinery + Marble polishing + Furniture polishing ( consumables on actuals )