Do you have a property in Bangalore and you stay abroad?

We understand managing individual property and tenants have always been a dependable task for you whether it's through a broker or any other mean like relative or friends which results in multiple set of meetings and discussions and also, there might be a delayed response from them due to their busy schedule and priorities.

Even after multiple requests maintaining your property may not be up to your expectations and you are left with an unoccupied house, unclean spaces, damaged fixtures, and unattended maintenance activities.

This will be serious trouble in long term, to get everything back into shape which requires lots of efforts for coordinating between multiple agencies, service technicians, selecting, purchasing of right fittings, consumables and finally to track the regular work progress.

Even after all the hectic follow up there will be a definite lack of coordination due to changes in time zones. Also, with multiple people involved the quality and standards may not be rightly met which leads to loss of revenue and precious time

As a profession, CleanPro provides you with one of the most professional property management services in the market. You will not need any brokerage/agents or to make multiple calls and discussions we ensure that your Apartment/ Villa/Bungalows are in the best of their condition all time.

What do we provide? We provide an end-to-end solution for your Property handling.

1. Key handling
2. House maintenance
3. Move-in and Move-out procedure
4. House Audit and Inspection
5. Inventory control
6. Garden and Lawn maintenance
7. On-demand/ On audit repairs
8. Tenant management
9. Tax management
10. Tenant background verification check and Agreement process
11. Concierge services
With all these services incurred, we can come up with an annual maintenance contract where we can provide all these services with basic service charges of 7% on the Rental amount.


    Our objective is creating an accommodating work environment for all our employees, ensure safety and security of each individual working with


    Establishing processes brings order to the work environment and ensure all the activities are inline with the expectations


    To upkeep and and improve the building infrastructure, plan, and manage the assets applying the latest technologies in the market


  • Why Should I Hire a Professional Service for Property management company?

    As industry professionals, we give you an end-to-end solution for all your needs. As per the recent survey, on average, there will be at least 10 – 20 fixtures required servicing in a single household in a year, which means for every time you have to take care of a fixture you will be spending some time searching for the right kind of people to do the job. Here is where we come into the picture, where we maintain the assets related to the property to the best of its efficiency. Professional property management company like CleanPro provides all the required services under one umbrella within 24 hrs from raising a complaint without wasting any time.

  • Why do I require Property Management?

    We are not brokers, our services are not only restricted to rent or sale your property but also to maintain all the equipment, fittings, machines connected to it. As a service provider, we handle all aspects of your property starting from cleaning, Repairs, leakages or damages, periodic maintenance, and all your finances and maintenance payments, electricity bills payments, and all necessities statutory related to BESCOM and BWSSB activities will also be taken care at the right time and right place.

    We as digitally equipped such that your requests are just click away from onboarding us in no time. Our trained crew works at your convenient time to address all your issues and take necessary feedbacks and suggestions.

  • Why should I hire you?

    We are not a broker or intermediary or any agents. We are professional service providers in the market. We have on-ground trained managers and teams to take care of all needs locally from handling tenancy agreements, finances, and all types of repairs & maintenance.

    We maintain quality, standard, and deliverability of site simultaneously ensuring best all the times.

    If you have a property in Bangalore and you are not around it to take care of and finding difficulty in maintaining it for any know reasons, drop a message to us and we take care of all the hassles and responsibilities on behalf of you.