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Technical Services

Technical Services

A well-organized home or office requires periodic maintenance. We know that you have a million things on your mind and your lifestyle should be free of troubles. CleanPro offers periodic and necessary maintenance services like elevator servicing, deep cleaning, plumbing, electrical maintenance, furniture care, painting services, home maintenance, and much more. Trained professionals are deployed on-site to fix all your troubles and ensure safety and comfort for all occupants.

Electrical Services

Our experienced electrical technicians will accurately diagnose and rectify even the most complex electrical problems. Our repairs are of top-notch quality and will be performed safely and correctly the first time, without having to resort to rework or rewiring. So don't let electrical problems get your life off-track. Get in touch with our expert electricians and get back to your normal life.

Plumbing Services

Blocked kitchen sink or bathroom? Dripping faucets? Broken shower fixtures? Don’t worry, we can help. Our team of expert plumbers addresses all plumbing issues, whether they are related to the bathroom, kitchen, drains, or toilet. We can also install, repair, or upgrade any plumbing equipment in your house. All you need to do is give us a call, and one of our experienced plumbers will come to your premises, understand your requirements, and give you a quote.

Civil and Mason work

We have experienced masons who know the A-Z of repair works, cement flooring, concrete finishing, waterproofing, roofing, foundation work, and other brick and cement-related works. Commonly used materials in civil masonry and construction work may include brick, stones, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and glass blocks among a host of other builds. We have proficiency in civil and masonry for homes, walls, floorings, walkways, fireplaces, fences, and other home-related builds. We house trained masons who understand the blueprint and efficiently use materials provided to finish the job on-time.

Exterior and Interior painting work

We have an exclusive tie-up with the largest paint manufacturers in India and we use the best paints and accessories to beautify your house. We deploy a professional team with all the required tools to ensure the best of work that’s executed with utmost safety. We offer the best interior and exterior painting service in Bangalore, and we promise absolute perfection and total satisfaction. If you want the best, we are just a phone call away. Our executive shall be more than happy to conduct a free of cost assessment

Marble Polishing

Marble and stone surfaces require careful maintenance to retain a shimmering finesse for long life. Whether you’ve got marble worktops, solid surface furnishings, or even walls and floors carved out of fine stone, CleanPro can take good care of it all. Trained experts utilize their extensive experience in caring for fine surfaces and apply an extra touch of care to ensure that there’s no build-up of dirt, stains, or anything that would take away from the polished surface. We help you retain your stone surfaces with ease and convenience.

STP & WTP operators

Sanitation is integral to the smooth functioning of any building, be it your home or a commercial setup. Expert Sewage Treatment Plant & Water Treatment Plant operators from CleanPro can take care of your sewage issues with immense ease and convenience for you. Don’t worry about the spills, leaks, sewage build-up, septic tank servicing, and other sections of your living spaces. Our experts can address every issue and help you maintain your sewage, water treatment, drains, tanks, and more. We offer cleaning services and maintenance services for STP & WTP operations.

Epoxy Floor coating

If you’re a fan of sleek surfaces, you’ll enjoy the epoxy floor coating services from CleanPro. Not only do our experts help install epoxy floors, but maintain these sleek floorings all too well. Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. Our trained professionals can build epoxy for your homes, offices, or buildings.

Wood polishing

For an admirer of splendid things in life, you may have a lot of woodwork and wooden furnishings around your home or commercial complexes. Wood requires maintenance to ensure the polished surface doesn’t wear out. CleanPro professionals specialize in wood polishing and maintenance works to keep your pristine property well-maintained and free of damage.

Tile laying and Grouting

Whether you’re planning a renovation or a complete makeover, or even looking to install tiles in your lovely spaces, you need the utmost precision and care to foster the laying and grouting process. Luckily for you, CleanPro offers tile laying and grouting services with the technical expertise of our in-house trained personnel. Ensuring that your spaces don’t leave a gap in the fine tiling, grouting, and laying, we deploy artisans to cover every step of the way in perfecting your living spaces.

Renovation & Restoration Work

If you’re planning an extension to your property or looking out to renovate the entire space, you can bank on the expertise of CleanPro. A dedicated team of builders is deployed to assess your requirements and fit the description of your renovation and restoration requirements. Whether an aging building requires a complete restoration or renovation to a newly added space in your property, our designers and builders can get the job done right.

Seepage & Water Proofing work

Waterproofing and seepage protection is necessary for the complete sanitary and sewage requirements of any space. Our experts specialize in seepage and waterproofing work, for concrete, tiles, wooden furnishings, bathrooms, kitchens, STP & WTP operations. With dedicated professionals on the job, the layout of your building is assessed to provide necessary seepage and waterproofing works for any space.

RWH work

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a popular choice for sustainable architecture. Rainwater harvesting is also a great way to ensure responsible consumption and energy savings of a building’s water reserve. For existing RWH infrastructure or a new setup for Rainwater harvesting, contact CleanPro to draw out a map and build the RWH your building needs.

Solar and Heater installation

Solar energy is a powerful inclusion to sustainable living. With solar water heaters installed correctly, you’ll never have to run out of warm water again. Unlike conventional electrical powered geysers, solar heaters run on the energy of the sun, which means maximizing the storage and utility of solar energy is important. CleanPro experts help fit and install solar equipment and water heaters for any living space.

OWC installation

Organic waste convertors are a great way to minimize the wastage of water and supplies of a building. Whether composting or water treatment, our facilities management at CleanPro analyzes your requirements to install OWC (Organic waste convertors) for your property. This method of recycling wastes is an efficient attempt to safeguard the environment and pursue sustainable modes of consumption.

CCTV installation

For home or office surveillance, a CCTV system can be in place to offer maximum administration and security of your property. We provide CCTV installation facilities of the highest grade equipment, easily installed to cover your security concerns and safeguard your privacy.

HVAC PM& Installation

The HVAC system comprises the thermostat, air conditioning, gas connection, heating equipment, generators, refrigerators, and other appliances that make up the smooth functioning of a household or commercial space. We specialize in HVAC preventive maintenance and installation for all your household needs. A dedicated team of experts and technicians are deployed to assess your requirements and maintain the HVAC system.